GoodFamilies.org provides your recommended daily allowance of stories, teachings, experiences, and wisdom from people who have learned a few things about fulfilling various roles as pieces of diverse family tapestries, and who are eager to share their insights with the world using the Internet.

The information you read here pertaining to principles that create a fulfilling family environment comes from mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, husbands and wives, grandparents and grandchildren.  We are simple folks in most ways, sophisticated in a few others.  Our hobbies and interests range from reading to music to sports to politics and lots of things in between.  Most of all, however, the focus of our lives is our families, which we believe to be the fundamental organization. For us, everything else in life is secondary to our relationships with parents, siblings, and children for starters.  Things get a little grayer when we get to aunts, uncles, and distant cousins.

Something that is common among contributors to this blog is that we are all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often called the Mormon Church.  Readers of our blog will quickly understand that our religion provides the background and framework for most of what we do.  Mormons tend to believe that associations made and experiences encountered during the 80 or so years we spend on this planet are given an extra level of feeling and fulfillment by applying the principles passed on to us from God through modern prophets to our daily activities.