Bible Videos

Jun 19

Our LDS stake conference was remarkable, both Saturday and Sunday, as we focused our hearts on Christ and his Atonement for every one of us. 

Saturday, several members were asked to speak briefly and some of the Mormon Channel bible videos were used to follow up after some of their talks on Christ.  “Jesus  Is Resurrected” was particularly...

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Letters from Grandma

Feb 21

The other day I read of a woman lamenting in this time of troubled economy that she hadn’t given a Christmas gift in five years.  This was a hard thing for her. Some of us easily relate.  Feeling the squeeze twice that many years ago, I walked through my home wondering what I had to give my grandchildren for their birthdays.  I realized it was time to pass on...

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Family Mealtime Opportunities and Election 2012

Jan 21

What is it about good food that often eases tensions, encourages conversation or otherwise adds pleasantness to life?  On road trips with teen agers we discovered we eliminated bickering by stopping for a meal; snacks didn’t do it.  We found that breakfast, after watching a movie together the night before, was a good time to talk about the film, reminiscing...

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Pathways of Parenting

Jan 16

At times as a parent I became overwhelmed with the challenges.  As a grandparent its not as frequent, but the remedy is the same.  The one thing that I could always rely upon was the promptings of the Spirit.  If I didn’t know what to do, I learned to pause for thought.  Just stop.  Take a time out.   I was never disappointed.  Always I came to know what...

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Everyone Has a Name.

Oct 18

The Book of Mormon is another testament of Our Savior Jesus Christ. We have the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Last fall I began reading the Book of Mormon with the prime objective of noting everything pertaining directly to Jesus Christ. I realized that the many times I’ve read it I had been learning...

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