Cry Of A Spirit Child

Mar 29

Cry of a Spirit Child is a poem written by Marcus Simpson 1.   Have you ever heard the cry of a child, at the time it may be annoying maybe even frustrating, but if you listen with your heart you will hear the Cry Of A Spirit Child 2.  When you hear the cry you usually think it is for a mother or father, but if you listen for the Cry Of A Spirit Child you will...

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Coffee Bars in Public Schools?

Nov 28

[The following letter was sent by Grandpa Russon in 2007 to local public school administrators in response to the question of setting up coffee bars in public schools.] Recently in the news there was an announcement of the proliferation of coffee bars in public schools across the country. I was surprised at the apparent absence of resistance or concern about this...

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Teaching Your Children to Navigate Spiritual Danger

Oct 09

When our youngest was just 18-months old, we built a house that bordered a river. During most of the year there is at least a 15 foot drop to the water and the edge of our property is bounded by lots of trees and shrubs. You can only hear the water from our house, not see it.  Nevertheless, many of our friends expressed concern about keeping the children safe from...

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Patches and Glue

Aug 20

The first day of class—a lunchroom—a playground: typical places to meet new friends when I was a child. “Hello…” A pigtailed girl and I meet at the center of the monkey bars, our dusty sneakers sway mid-air. “…my name is Jennifer Francis,” I slur through my headgear. We ask each other the question common to the area of Long Island where I am...

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Passing On Your Religious Beliefs to Your Children

Aug 19

  I recently attended a Sunday School class focused on the topic of raising children in a religious environment.  As a natural part of the discussion, the question was raised about what approach should be taken by parents to pass on their religious beliefs.  Some great ideas were exchanged, and the discussion gave me a good opportunity to think deeper about...

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Hungry kids. Picky eaters.

Aug 18

Among my grandchildren there are varieties of eaters.  Some eat something of every part of a meal.  Others have very few items on their list of things they eat.  Some don’t even like peanut butter sandwiches.  Their parents are teaching them and managing in their homes.  So what does a grandparent do with limited means and living alone with limited use for...

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