Pathways of Parenting

Jan 16

At times as a parent I became overwhelmed with the challenges.  As a grandparent its not as frequent, but the remedy is the same.  The one thing that I could always rely upon was the promptings of the Spirit.  If I didn’t know what to do, I learned to pause for thought.  Just stop.  Take a time out.   I was never disappointed.  Always I came to know what...

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A Mean Mother

Aug 27

A story from my great-uncle about a lesson my great-great-grandmother taught him: “One warm spring day when the desert was green with little flowers coaxed out of the dry ground with the hope of more rain, the kids in our 6th grade all decided to ‘ditch’ school. ‘Ditch’ meant to go out on the desert without telling the teacher and goof...

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Passing On Your Religious Beliefs to Your Children

Aug 19

  I recently attended a Sunday School class focused on the topic of raising children in a religious environment.  As a natural part of the discussion, the question was raised about what approach should be taken by parents to pass on their religious beliefs.  Some great ideas were exchanged, and the discussion gave me a good opportunity to think deeper about...

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When the Uphill Hike Gets Tough

Aug 13

In my retirement years I’ve gathered some experience guiding children and youth on hikes.  Most often we’ve been in the mountains and almost always there have been challenges for the hikers wherever we’ve hiked.  Hiking often gives opportunities for life experiences — those experiences that influence us for many years.  A happy hiker finds...

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